Power Amplifier


  • .Class-TD electronic amplifier
  • .XLR - input connectors
  • .4-way speakon - output connectors
  • .Selectable stereo mode and bridged mono mode
  • .DIP switches feature Amplifier Gain (from +23dB to +44dB), Fan Masked, Bridge A+B, Bridge C+D, VPL (Voltage Peak Limiter, from 42V to 141V), VPL Modes (Soft & Hard)
  • .SIGNAL, level at -20dB, -15dB, -10dB, -4dB, CLIP, CPL (Current Peak Limiter), VHF (Very High Frequency), TEMP (Temperature), MUTE, POWER, PAL (Power Average Limiter) and BRIDGE mono mode LED indicators
  • .Dual 2-speed fans

PWM Panel Frame Disassembly Diagram


Number of channels 4
Peak Total Output 4 Channels Driven 8800W
Peak Output Voltage Per Channel 141V
Max. Output Current Per Channel 35.5A Peak
MAX Output Power 2ohms 4ohms 8ohms 16ohms
Per Ch. (Both Ch.'s Driven) 2200W 2100W 1250W 625W
Bridged Per Ch n.r. 4600W 4200W 2500W
Performance With Gain: 35dB VPL: 195V  
THD 20Hz - 20kHz for 1W <0.1%
THD @1kHz and 1dB below clipping <0.05%
Signal To Noise Ratio >112dBA
Channel Separation (Crosstalk) @1kHz >70dB
Frequency Response
(1W into 8ohms) +0/-3dB
6.8Hz - 34.2kHz
Input Impedance 20kOhm
Input Common Mode Rejection, CMR 50dB
Output Impedance @100Hz 30mOhm
Voltage Peak Limiter (VPL), Max Peak Output  
VPL, Selectable Per Ch. 141, 118, 100, 85, 71, 59, 50, 42V
VPL, Selectable When Bridged 282, 236, 200, 170, 142, 118, 100, 84V
Voltage Peak Limiter Mode (Per Ch.) Hard/Soft
Gain and Level  
Amplifier Gain Selectable (All Channels)
-rear-panel switches
23, 26, 29, 32, 35, 38, 41, 44dB
Default Gain 35dB
Connections and Switches  
Input Connectors (Per Ch.) 3-Pin, Electronically Balanced
Output Connectors (Per Ch.) Neutrik Speakon
Output Bridge Mode A+B and/or C+D, inputs A & C are input source
Cooling Two Fans, Front-To-Rear Airflow,
Temperature Controlled Speed
Front-Panel Indicators  
Common Power Average Limiter (PAL);
Power On Signal Present/High-Impedance;
-20dB,-15dB, -10dB and -4dB Output Signal;
Voltage Peak Limiter (VPL); 
Per Channel Current Peak Limiter (CPL);
Very High Frequency (VHF);
High Temperature;
Minimum Power-Up Voltage, 230V/115V 190V/95V
Power Average Limiter (PAL) Yes
Soft Start/Inrush Current Draw Yes/Max 5A
Dimensions (H×W×D)     88 x 483 x 443 mm
Weight 12.5kg
Rack Space     2U