Power Conditioner


  • .9 total American standard outlets (8 rear panel outlets and 1 front panel unswitched outlet)
  • .Built-in electrical noise filtering at input end
  • .Surge and spike protection
  • .Total power capacity of 1800 watts 
  • .15 amps rating
  • .130V overvoltage protection with warning LED. It required to un-plug the main power plug when overvoltage is occurred.
  • .2 front pull out LED light pipes with variable dimmer control and separate rack lights ON/OFF switch
  • .Circuit breaker reset switch on rear panel.
  • .LED digital voltmeter/ammeter
  • .Durable all-steel chassis occupies 1U rack space
  • .TNC socket for connecting to (optional) gooseneck lamp


The PC-PLUS II of UNiKA power conditioner bring together the superior protection, electronic noise filtering and outstanding performance in a sturdy, rack-mountable design. The PC-PLUS II power conditioner is ideal for instrument rigs, studios, DJ equipment and pro audio. Every PC-PLUS II power conditioner has been thoroughly tested and offered the best value at an affordable price. 


The PC-PLUS II power conditioner has an additional electronic noise filtering device which helps to eliminate power noise and overvoltage (140V) protection, it also provides the highest level of surge & spike protection to keep your rack safe from unwanted disruption.

A total of 9 American standard outlets are available (8 rear panel outlets and 1 front panel unswitched outlet), dual smooth track retractable LED lights with a variable dimmer illuminate equipment in your rack, and a large LED digital voltmeter/ammeter displays line voltage and true RMS current draw.

The PC-PLUS II also features a front panel power on/off illuminated switch, and a rack lights on/off switch; a rear panel resettable circuit breaker and TNC socket for connecting to (optional) gooseneck lamp. The unit has total capacity of 1800watts and a 15amps rating featuring a high inrush magnetic circuit breaker for added protection. The PC-PLUS II Power Conditioner is made in sturdy, 1U rack space, and rack-mounted designed. 

For more details about the UNiKA PC-PLUS II, please contact UNiKA Professional Audio at +886 2 2793-3017. Also, visit the UNiKA Electronic Co., Ltd. website at


Power Load Capacity 1800 Watts
Maximum Output Current 15 Amps
Power Outlets One Un-switched Outlet on Front Panel
and Eight Outlets on Rear Panel
Power Switch Main Power On/Off
and Rack Light On/Off Switches
Power Switch Indicator Yes - In “ON” Position
Circuit Breaker On Rear Panel
Filter Electronic Noise Filtering
Protection Circuit Surge & Spike Protecting
Construction All-Steel Chassis
Light Pipes 2 Pull-Out Light Pipes on Front Panel
Metering LED digital display
Input Voltage & Current
TNC Socket For Gooseneck Lamp - 12V/420mA Max (Lamp Not Included)
Dimensions (H×W×D) 44 x 483 x 284 mm
Weight 4.4kg
Rack Space 1U