Dante Networked Audio

NBB-­1616 Networked Breakbox / NBB­-1616e Expansion Box

  • .16 x 16 fully digitized Break-in/Break-out box
  • .Dante-enabled networked breakbox or stagebox
  • .Streaming audio in robust standard Ethernet cable (a.k.a., Digital Snake)
  • .Support Layer 3 of IEEE 802.3 Ethernet standard, which means
  • .Streaming through Layer-3 Ethernet switch is feasible
  • .Easily organize network topology with regular Ethernet switch
  • .Redundant networking mode for fault tolerant audio distribution, or
  • .Daisy-chain networking mode for easy coverage extending
  • .Audio routing can be set by Dante-enabled audio console, or
  • .Dedicated Dante Controller software for Windows and Mac OS
  • .24-bit PCM coding with sample rate up to 192KHz
  • .PPM meter with clip hold for input/output level monitoring
  • .Option to double channel capacity with a expansion box
  • .AES3 Digital I/O expansion box available on request


The NBB-1616 is a fully digitized 16 x 16 Break-in/Break-out box which bidirectionally streams multi-channel audio throughout off-the-shelf Ehternet cables and switches. 


The NBB-1616 breakbox can be used as a stagebox and direct transceives audio to/from all kind of Dante-enabled audio consoles or DAW workstations in digital domain. With a dedicated P2P Pairing button on rear panel, two NBB-1616s can even be one-to-one paired to work as a digital snake which bidirectionally transceives audio throughout a regular Ethernet cable without the need of audio console or computer involved. All the routing configuration and device setting are automatically saved and preserved upon power recycle.

 The NBB-1616 breakbox adopts Audinate Dante networking technology for audio transceiving, and is very network friendly with unlimited flexibility in topology of deployment. It supports up to Layer 3 of IEEE 802.3 network standard, enabling you to organize your audio network with the on-the-shelf Ethernet switches or to immediately transport streaming audio by taking advantage of your existing installated network facility with no hassle. Even better, every NBB-1616 breakbox comes out with two Ethernet ports which allow you to physically cascade several NBB-1616s in the same network link. You can also configure the two Ethernet ports to work independently but parallelly, which means you can redundantly route two links for seamlessly network backing up of each other. This extremely gains flexibility or reliability in device deployment for audio networking.

Audio routing among NBB-1616s and all the Dante-enabled consoles or workstations can be configured via computer with dedicated Dante Controller software which is available free from Audinate website. With Dante Virtual Soundcard software, you are even able to have your DAW software direct record/play multitrack streaming audio from/to NBB-1616 breakbox.

The audio input and output interfaces of NBB-1616 breakbox are fully met the requirement of professional audio industrial. Audio is encoded with the latest and uncompressed 24-bit PCM encoder with sample rate in 48KHz, 96KHz, or even up to 192KHz for extremely exquisite applications. The outputs are peculiarly buffered with amplifiers of high-rail-voltage which can drive the lines up to 24dBu. In addition to the high-level of drive capability on outputs, all inputs of NBB-1616 breakbox accept signal level from mic to line with individual input gain and phantom power control. The NBB-1616 also equipped with 16 PPM meters with clip hold functionality for all the input or output channels. This feature we think it is very important for the audio technicians to simultaneously monitor all the input levels from clipping.

The NBB-1616 breakbox is regularly shipped with channel capacity of 16 analog inputs and 16 analog outputs (i.e., 16 x 16 I/O). However, it is not restricted itself here and you have the option to double the channel capacity for additional 16 x 16 I/O with an expansion box. With the box, you therefore can consolidate totally 32 x 32 audio into the same Ethernet cable.

Furthermore, the NBB-1616 breakbox is firmware upgradeable to support AES67 audio transport in near future.

Typical Deployment and Application

Digital Snake 

Two NBB-1616s can be paired to work as a digital snake. Simply connect them with a Ethernet cable and long press the P2P Pairing button on the rear panel of any one the devices, the input and output channels of each device then be automatically and sequentially routed to the other device in one-to-one basis. With expansion box, you can even consolidate 32x32 channels totally to be transceived in a single Ethernet cable.


With a Dante-enabled audio console, you can have the NBB-1616 to work as a stagebox. The console can then route multi-channel audio to/from NBB-1616 on remote site with a single Ethernet cable. Similarly, you can also have your DAW software to transceive multi-channel audio to/from NBB-1616 if your DAW software also supports Dante networking or if you have Dante Virtual Soundcard installed along with your DAW software.


With the two network ports configured to work in switch mode, you can cascade several NBB-1616s in a same link. This greatly simplifies the network wiring and devices deployment if you need to route audio to several spots sequentially.


 For fault tolerant deployment, you can configured the two network ports in NBB-1616 to work in redundant mode. The two separated network links can then backup each other if any one of the links fails for whatever reason.

System Scaling Up 

Since NBB-1616 can stream audio data throughout Ethernet switch, you can deploy your NBB-1616s through switch with minimum of data collision.

System Scaling Up 

Computer network can be further expanded with more than one Ethernet switch, so does NBB-1616 audio network. You can use more than one switch between NBB-1616s to greatly expand your audio distribution.

System Scaling Up with Redundancy 

By configuring all the NBB-1616s to work in Redundant mode, you can simultaneously stream your audio to two virtually independent networks to significantly improve fault tolerance.


Channel Capacity 16 x 16 Inputs and Outputs
Level Meter PPM Meter with Clip Hold
Meter Scaling 0dBFS @24dBu
Output 24dBu max., Balanced XLR
Input 42dBu max., Balanced XLR
Input Phase Control 180° Inverting Control
Input Gain Control 60dB Rotary and -18dB Pad Control
+48V Phantom Power ON/OFF Control per Input
Encoding Uncompressed 24-bit PCM
Sample Rate 44.1KHz / 48KHz / 96KHz / 192KHz
Ethernet x2 Gigabit RJ45 Ports
Networking Mode Redundant or Daisy-chain
Transmission Distance > 100m with CAT.5e Cable
Audio Flows x32 (unicast + multicast)
Audio Latency < 2ms typical
Frequency Response 20Hz ~ 20KHz ±0.5dB
S/N Ratio (Input) > 110dB @0dBFFS
S/N Ratio (Output) > 110dB @0dBFS
THD + Noise (Input) < 0.002% @-10dBFS
THD + Noise (Output) < 0.001% @-10dBFS
Crosstalk (Input) < -95dB @1KHz
Crosstalk (Output) < -120dB @1KHz
Operating Voltage 100 ~ 240VAC, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption < 50Watts
Operation Temperature 0 ~ 45℃ 
Operation Relative Humidity 0 ~ 90% 
Construction 3U Rack-Mount Chassis
Dimensions (HxWxD) 133 x 480 x 250 mm
Weight 7 Kg

《The above information is subject to change without notice.》