Powered Mixer


  • .10x XLR balanced low impedance microphone inputs 
  • .10x 6.3mm TRS balanced high impedance line inputs
  • .Tone control per channel
  • .Master output level controls, digital echo effects and effect level control
  • .7-Band graphic equalizer on master output
  • .Assistants on CD or Cassette
  • .Play back volume control channel
  • .Recording output
  • .Digital echo effects Output and return
  • .Protection systems against power output short-circuit, and overloads
  • .Cooling system with one variable speed fan
  • .MP3 Player/FM Tuner, LCD display with programmable memories Infrared remote control
  • .SD card slot and USB type A port


Line Impedance Low 600Ω balanced
High 10KΩ balanced
Line 10KΩ balanced
Input Sensitivity Low 50mV rms
High 50mV rms
Line 750mV rms
Channel Control High 30dB range (+/- 15dB) @ 10KHz 
Low 30dB range (+/- 15dB) @ 80Hz 
Graphic Equalizer +/-12dB 60Hz 150Hz 400Hz 1kHz 2.5kHz 6.5kHz 15kHz 
Output Power 100W rms
  220W rms
420W rms
THD @8Ω 20Hz 20kHz <0.1%
Distortion by inter modulation <0.1% of 10mW to nominal power @8Ω
Balanced phase response +/-27 degrees of 20Hz 20KHz with band center
Power Requirements 5A AC 120V full load
Feeding Voltage 120V AC 60Hz 600W
Dimensions (H×W×D) 245 x 476 x 245 mm
Weight 10.5kg