Phase Tester


  • .Check the phase integrity of any microphone or audio system
  • .Transmitter features a speaker, XLR output, and a LED work light
  • .Receiver features a microphone, XLR input, and a green laser pointer
  • .Battery operation


The SPT.LIGHT of UNiKA phase tester is the second generation of SPT-1 phase tester. It consists of two units, a transmitter and receiver. The SPT.LIGHT transmitter creates a pulse that is sent through an audio system. The receiver then picks up the signal at various intervals in the system, and indicates whether or not the system is in or out of phase. Every SPT.LIGHT phase tester has been thoroughly tested and offers the best value at an affordable price.


The SPT.LIGHT phase tester consists of two units: SPT2t transmitter and SPT2r receiver. The SPT2t transmits a positive-going pulse via a speaker, or a XLR balanced connector. The SPT2t speaker is a placed near a microphone, which may be connected to the SPT2r receiver to an audio system.

Plugging into the XLR connector on the receiver disables the mic. When testing a microphone it is very important that the mic face the SPT2t speaker directly at 90-degree angle. Further more, SPT2t features a LED work light, and SPT2r features a green laser pointer.

For more details about the UNiKA SPT Series, please contact UNiKA Professional Audio at +886 2 2793-3017. Also, visit the UNiKA Electronic Co., Ltd. website at


Pulse Rate 1Hz
Frequency Spectrum, Electrical 1Hz - 20kHz
Frequency Spectrum, Acoustic 200Hz - 5kHz
Output Level, Electrical 0V - 1V (Acoustic Level Is Fixed)
Output Load impedance >1kΩ
Output Source Impedance 1kΩ
Power 9V PP3 Battery (=Approx 50 Hours)
Power Drain 10mA
Flashlight 5 LED Lights
Frequency Spectrum, Electrical 1Hz - 20kHz
Frequency Spectrum, Acoustic 10Hz - 1kHz
Input Impedance (Mic) 1kΩ
Input Impedance (Line) 10kΩ
Input Level (Mic) 10mV - 1V
Input Level (Line) 0.5V - 50V
Output Level 0V - 1V
Power 9V PP3 Battery (=Approx 50 Hours)
Power Drain 10mA
Laser Light Green Light 4mw
Dimensions (H×W×D)     140 x 50 x 80mm
Weight 0.25kg
Operating Temperature 0°C - 50°C
Storage Temperature -30°C - +75°C